Friday, September 6, 2019

Wood Apple Sweet Salad - Sweet-Sour Duet

விளாம்பழம் - Wood Apple Sweet Salad

Vilaam pazham (விளாம்பழம்) (Limonia acidissima) commonly known as wood apple was one of the mostly ignored or forgotten fruit in south India. during my childhood days, i too did not know anything about this fruit. we used to see in the markets during Krishna jayanthi and Vinayagar chathurthi, that is, during the month of August and September. As a child, i wondered how this was a fruit, as this did not have any of those fancy features of being a fruit. In my house they never used to buy this during the festival too as nobody was fond of this fruit. so, i never got to know anything about this fruit. and more over this fruit was not very appealing too.. looked corky.. rough.. dull colour.. it was more like a cricket ball... how to break it?!

How to pick the right fruit:
Later... few years ago.. i became curious to learn more about this native and traditional fruit. I asked my mother how to pick the right fruit and how used to consume this. my mother said that she heard that people used to mix it with jaggery and eat it. but she did not know how to pick the right fruit. i did not google it. just bought it from fruit shop. bought couple of them. initially i wasted few fruits without knowing how to pick the ripe one. it either used to be unripe or spoiled with fungus inside. people use to give few tips to pick the right fruit like.. shake the fruit and if it is ripe then we could feel something shaking inside loosely from the shell. some people asked me to tap the fruit for some particular sound. nothing helped me. gradually, after few trial and error methods, i found it! my way of picking the right ripe fruit is... to smell. smell the fruit near the stalk. if the fruit is perfectly ripe, it would smell absolutely fruity. i cannot explain how will the fruity smell will be like. but you will know when it smells like one. and the outer light green shell starts to turn light brown. now to check whether the fruit is good or spoiled, check near the stalk again. it should be clear without any blemishes or any traces of fungus.
now you have chosen the right fruit. but you might not always get the ripe fruit in shop. so check for the clear stalked fruit and buy them. keep it covered in a brown bag and leave it aside. open after 2 days. and check for its smell. once it emits fruity smell.. the vilaam pazham or wood apple is ready to be consumed.

people say that this wood apple or vilampazham has many many health benefits. i do not care to know about it. i am interested in it as it has been traditionally consumed by my people and beyond that, i liked the way it tastes! so i eat it! and i am happy i like it as not many people would like it.

The vilaam pazham or wood apple when prepared properly and consumed, has such a variety of tastes (sweet and sour) and textures (fibrous and crunchy seeds) when you taste it dissolves in between your tongue and palate. the very minute, the sourness triggers the oozing of saliva and filling your mouth. i am just drooling the very moment im typing this :).
The sourness of the fruit and the sweetness of the jaggery compliments each other very well.
The preparation is quite simple.


  • விளாம்பழம் or wood apple - 2
  • jaggery or brown sugar - 4 to 5 spoons


  • pick the right ripe fruit.
  • hit it in the ground gently enough to break its outer shell.
  • open it so see the fibrous pulp with white crunchy seeds.
  • scoop out the pulp to a bowl with a spoon.
  • add the jaggery or brown sugar (நாட்டு சர்க்கரை).
  • mix well and mash it. 
  • now you will get a brown coloured mashed pulp which is sweet and sour.
  • the sweet and sour wood apple salad is ready to be consumed.

make sure there is no fungus when the fruit is opened.
you can consume it right away or let it sit for 10 minutes. i have it right away :)

Happy cooking !!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Masala Egg Pasta

Masala Egg Pasta

Simple masala egg pasta - is the masala version of the regular egg scramble pasta. I add onion, tomato, ginger-garlic paste and garam masala to egg scramble pasta. this is more Indianised flavour.
i prefer more egg

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Sambar Powder - Aromatically Mesmerising Spice Mix

சாம்பார் போடி  - Sambar Powder - Authentic, Aromatic and Awesome

For the last two generations in our family, sambar powder means, dry red chilli powder and coriander powder in equal ratio by weight.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Sambar Rice - Simply The Best of South

Sambar Saadham or Sambar Rice - Simply The Best of South

What is common in bisibelebhath, kadamba sadham, kichdi, vennpongal, sambar sadham and paruppu sadham? its the pulse and rice. other ingredients are what that brings the difference in these rice dishes. All are one pot dishes, with pulse and rice, with different vegetables and spices. 

Monday, June 17, 2019

Mango Thokku - Use the Season

Mango Thokku - மாங்காய் தொக்கு - Use the Season

Mango season has almost come to an end and this is my first recipe with mango for this season. 
I'm here with this awesome mango thokku recipe with 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Kasi (Kaasi) Halwa - Ash Gourd Halwa

காசி அல்வா  - 150th Post - Kaasi Halwa or Ash Gourd Halwa

Long long ago.. not so long when i was holding my mother's hand and walking in the weddings.. just little later than that.. in the weddings and other functions, especially in the breakfast... the first served item was this brilliantly coloured... glossy.. sweet loaded with ghee and cantaloupe seeds.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Rice Flour Puttu - Easy, Tasty and Healthy !

Rice Flour Puttu - Easy, Tasty and Healthy !

Puttu is another polite, easy to cook, no oil, steam cooked, good-to-eat and healthy dish. It is good for breakfast or dinner. It is one of the easily digestible food for sick people. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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