Monday, July 9, 2018

Mango Lemonade - Use the Season

Mango Lemonade - Use the Season

Lemonade is everyone's favourite on a hot day. And how about mango flavoured lemonade / lemon flavoured mango juice? Lemon is refreshing.. mango is.. a sweetheart. Mixing both is a beautiful duet of flavours.

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Yesterday, my daughter forgot to take her water bottle. When ever she fills the water bottle, I remind her to keep it in her back-pack right away. But she never does it. And yesterday she forgot to take it to school. I felt pity for her and wanted to take something interesting for my thirsty little precious when I go to pick her up at 3pm. 

I had a Banganapalli mango and few lemons. Initially, I wanted to make mango juice.. that is thin juice.. and not thick juice. I wanted to make a thin juice of mango. I thought mango lemonade would be interesting.

The mango lemonade came out very well with a beautiful refreshing citrus flavour. The yield of the juice was also more as I made it thin. I took this to my daughter's school when I went to pick her up. My precious was happy to see this cool drink. She liked it too. 

Now lets go to the recipe of this easy breezy mango lemonade.


  • Ripe mango - peeled and chopped - 1.5 cups
  • lemon juice - 1/4cup
  • water - 3 cups
  • sugar - 4 tablespoon
  • salt - 1 pinch
  • ice cubes


  • take a cup of water and add the sugar to it and let it dissolve.
  • in the mean while, take the mango in a blender and make fine puree of it.
  • filter it in a strainer.
  • add the rest of the water and dilute this mango juice.
  • add the water with sugar dissolved in it too to this mango juice.
  • now add the lemon juice to this and mix well.
  • add the ice cubes and serve in tall glasses. 

  • You can adjust the sugar and water to your required consistency.
  • Do not refrigerate the mango lemonade because the lemon juice in it turns bitter if it sits longer. So, if you plan to make this mango lemonade ahead, then make the mango juice alone and keep refrigerated. Then while serving add  the lemon juice. Stir, check sugar and serve.
Happy cooking !!

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