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Simple Potato Fry

Simple Potato Fry Potato - almost everyone likes this tuber. It is an omni present and used vegetable. This particular potato fry dish is simple with very few ingredients. No tempering too. The speciality of this dish is the fact that it has few ingredients so that flavour of caramelised potato is a deliciously expressed. 
Myself and my hubby love any dish if it turns slightly brown or we are even okay if it is slight burnt. We fish out the brown or black ones and eat. 😋. 
I generally use the iron skillet or kadai to do the roasts. It is non sticky and better than a non stick as its non toxic too. People, you have to try iron kadais ! It is user friendly too. And you have to check out the flavour of this potato fry roasted in iron kadai.. !

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Lets see this easy quick recipe.

Ingredients:Potato - 3 bigOnion - 1 bigChilli powder - 1 teaspoonCoriander powder - 1 teaspoonTurmeric powder - 1/4 teaspoonSalt - as requiredOil - 3 table spoons Procedure: Wash, peel…
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It's Deepavali !

Wish You All My Friends a Very Happy and Safe Deepavali !

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Badam Halwa - Sinfully Delicious Dessert

Badam Halwa - Sinfully Delicious Dessert
Badam halwa - was once a sweet which I thought we could never make at home. Always used to buy from shops and relish.

During the course of trying of new recipes and developing old recipes.. I found out that this badam halwa recipe was such an easy and simple recipe with very few ingredients. It is not at all a big deal !
It is a fool proof recipe. Any one can do it and end in an awesome badam halwa. You will love yourself for reproducing the halwa at home!

Of course, this is a calorie-laden. But once in a while its okay to INDULGE yourself into this sinfully good dessert. And this dessert is made with good almonds and ghee - our traditional fat, which is far better than these days' refined oils, creams and cheeses. The only check you should have when we make this dish is the sugar we add. Just keep it to the low end, which helps the dessert to express the almond texture and saffron plus ghee flavour. The commercially selling badam halwas ar…

Javvarisi/Sago Payasam

Javvarisi / Sago Payasam
Javvarisi payasam is the simple dessert made with milk and javvarisi/sago. I love the way the javvarisi feels in my mouth in this payasam.. tiny.. soft.. smooth.. pearls.. with the flavour of cardamom and my special touch - the edible camphor. Previously, I never used to add edible camphor. But once I tried edible camphor in payasam, there after I never miss it in my javvarisi payasam. This edible camphor gives the payasam the divine touch. 

Let's go to the simple yet divine javvarisi payasam recipe.

For more - Sweets / Desserts, Vermicelli Payasam, Deepavali, Festival Food. Ingredients:Milk - 1 litreJavvarisi/sago - 100 gramsSugar - 8 - 10 teaspoonsWater - 2 cupsCardamom powder - 1/4 teaspoonEdible camphor - one small bit to the size of small pepperSaffron - optionalCashews and raisins - 1 tablespoons each Procedure: Wash and soak the javvarisi for atleast 1 hour.Boil the milk and keep it ready.Boil water and add the javvarisi to it.Keep stirring as the sag…

Makkan Peda - Go Nuts to See the Nuts

Makkan Peda - Go Nuts to See the Nuts.. Makkan peda - I had just heard the name for many years but did not get to eat one. I was not curious to know about it too. After marriage, whenever we visit any sweet shop, my husband would enquire about this makkan peda. I used to wonder what is the big deal about "makkan peda". It seems my husband had it once when he was a kid and fell in love with it. Then he tried to explain me about how it will look like, how it would taste like etc.,

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Since it was a long time my husband too had any makkan pedas, one day I remember, my husband bought a small size honey-soaked-bun thinking it was a makkan peda..😂😅. After so many years, one fine day we had a chance to eat makkan peda in a function. The credit goes to my grandmother. No.. it's not what you think. It was on my grandmother's 13th day ceremony lunch, they served makkan peda as a dessert. 😆. The …

Vadai / Medhu Vadai

Vadai / Medhu Vadai Any festival is not complete without the vadai or medhu vadai. We three in our house love this medhu vadai and my folks love the way I make. The blend of the smell of vadai being deep fried, agarbathi and camphor brings you completely to the festival mood. Every one at home.. lots of talking.. lot of work as well.. fasting.. little tiresome.. still excited about festivals. Proud being a part of this culture.
Lets me take you to the recipe of this polite, tempting and yummy vadai/medhu vadai.

For more - Festival Foods, Vaazhaippu Vadai, Deepavali, Ingredients: Urad dhal - 1 cupRaw rice - 1 tablespoonOnion - 1 bigGinger - 1 inch pieceGreen chillies - 2 Curry leaves - 1 sprigCoriander leaves Salt - as requiredWater - few tablespoons to grind Procedure: Wash and soak the rice and urad dhal for at least 2 hours.Chop the onions and keep ready.Today I am using mixer to grind. But wet grinders are always best for grinding for vadai as they make the batter light and fluffy.Tr…

Product (Book) Review - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying - Marie Kondo

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

I bought this book in August 2016. It took almost 20 days for me to complete this book. This book is about a simple and effective way of decluttering. Even though I know the basics of cleaning, there are still some grammar for decluttering which I was not aware of. Most of our problem is that we do not know how to declutter our house as we do not know how to prioritise things. This books helps us to decide what has to stay in our house. The most difficult part of tidying and decluttering is deciding what has to go. But, imagine some one is advising what has to go and what has to stay in your shelf.. then how easy decluttering is.. and this book is one such adviser.  Most of the time, when we clean or tidy our homes, we always do it with an impressions that it is going to become messy again. this books also gives us tips on organising our homes. helps us to see the spaces in our house which we were wasting so long.
Yes.. even after you …

Adhirasam - King of Desserts in Tamil Cuisine

Adhirasam - King of Desserts in Tamil Cuisine

Adirasam is the South Indian sweet made during Deepavali in most of the houses. Our previous generations, had this recipe in finger tips. But, we in our busy life style, missed to spare time to know about this recipe. And today there are some people, who just spend their Deepavali without adirasam just because they don't know how to make it.

Some ardent cooks learn the recipe from their mom or mil. Some learn from the internet or cook books. I too tried so many sources of recipe like cook books, internet, cookery shows and asked many many people. Then, I tried once and it was a flop. I did not have the confidence to try again. I realised that reading the recipe and trying it is of no use. I knew that I have to see someone doing live.. NO.. not in televisions.. but personally.. live.. so that I can see how moist the rice flour is.. the ratio of rice flour to the jaggery...  the bubbles in the jaggery syrup.. the colour of the syrup.. th…