Friday, July 20, 2018

Chennai Hotel Style Coconut Chutney

Chennai Hotel Style Coconut Chutney

Aahhaaa.. is there anything better than hotel chutney! Such a simple and polite accompaniment with idli/dosai. Eventhough sambar is the hero.. it is so very incomplete without a coconut chutney.

Recipe for Idli Recipe for Hotel sambar.

When I go to hotel, I like to mix chutney in sambar and eat it off with spoon like a special dish. 😀. 

At homes we already use few ingredients to make coconut chuntey. But, in hotels they use very few ingredients to make this chutney.

The colour and texture of the chutney in hotels in totally different from the home made ones because, at home we add fried gram, ginger etc. But in hotel they do not add these.

The key factor for the white colour of hotel chutney is the way they grate the coconut. They grate the coconut with coconut scraper so that the brown part behind the coconut in the shell is avoided. They then use this grated coconut without the dark brown part at the back for grinding chutney. This yields whitest chutney. 

In hotel they use just the white part of coconut and green chillies. that's all. Finally temper them with coconut oil.

And this awesome coconut chutney goes all the way with idli, dosai, vadai, bajji, paniyaaram, bonda, and what else..

Recipes for other chutneys - Chutney/Side dish

Let us go to the hotel chutney recipe.


  • coconut grated without the brown part at the back - 1 cup
  • green chilli - 2
  • salt as per taste
  • water to grind the chutney
  • Tempering: coconut oil, curry leaf, mustard, urad dhal and asafoetida.


  • Patiently scrape out the coconut from its shell without the brown part and take 1 cup (pressed) of it in a mixer jar.
  • Add the green chilli and salt and grind it.
  • Transfer this to a serving bowl and do the tempering with the ingredients mentioned for tempering.

There you go... you have the world's best and easiest coconut chutney to be served with your favourite south Indian dish. Make this for idli /dosai for morning breakfast or for evening snack along with bajji/bonda.

Happy cooking !!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Chow-Chow Poriyal / Chayote Curry

Chow-Chow Poriyal / Chayote Curry

I wonder how many of you like the chow-chow or chayote. Those who don't like this vegetable.. try this recipe. You will start liking it. Actually I never knew how to cook it tastefully. I used to make kootu/dhal with it. That's all. This recipe, I came across in an monthly women's Tamil magazine. First time I tried this recipe as side dish with kara kuzhambu. It was such a great balance of taste with kara kuzhambu. You all too should try this poriyal and tell me how did it come out.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Potato & Peas Kurma

Potato & Peas Kurma - For Poori/Chapathi/Ildi/Dosa/Iddiyappam/Appam

This potato & peas kurma is a versatile kurma which goes well with any of the following - poori, chapathi, parotta, idli, dosai, iddiyappam, appam and even with light rice like jeera or ghee rice.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Mango Lemonade - Use the Season

Mango Lemonade - Use the Season

Lemonade is everyone's favourite on a hot day. And how about mango flavoured lemonade / lemon flavoured mango juice? Lemon is refreshing.. mango is.. a sweetheart. Mixing both is a beautiful duet of flavours.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Black and White - Very Colourful !

I felt that this picture looked beautiful in B/W. The b/w picture expresses the shape of the container better, which I missed to notice in the colour picture. It's mango lemonade.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Chicken Biryani - Madras / Home Style

Chicken Biryani - Madras or Home Style

There are many versions of biryani - Hyderabad biryani, Ambur biryani, Dindugal biryani, Thalapakatti biryani, Mughal biryani and many more. 

Monday, July 2, 2018

Mango Pudding - Use the Season

Mango Pudding - With Coconut Milk

Mango pudding is the new dish I tried with mango fruits this season. I used flavourful Banganapalli mangoes. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Tomato Soup - Kids Favourite

Tomato Soup - Kids Favourite

Tomato soup - is the only soup my daughter asks as the first item in any restaurant. We would advice her that there are many more soup varieties in this world which she can try. But we never won her decision in this soup matter. 

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