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"செம்மை" Murungai keerai & Vaazhaipoo Rasam (Soup)

"செம்மை " Murungaikeerai & Vaazhaipoo Rasam / Moringa Leaves & Banana Blossom Soup

"Semmai" murungai & vaazhaipoo rasam is the healthy soup recipe which I learnt in the வாழ்வியல் மருத்துவம் - seminar by Semmai Vaazhviyal (செம்மை வாழ்வியல்). Rasam (ரசம்) means soup. They recommend different soup varieties with base as moringa leaves and other vegetable or greens of your choice being any one of - plantain stem, banana blossoms, drumstick, முடக்கத்தான் கீரை (balloon plant) etc. They recommend us to have any one of this soup in the evenings around 4 to 6 pm. Depending on your medical requirements you can choose these greens or vegetables for soup.

Anyone trying to quit evening coffee/tea, but finding hard to quit, you can try this soup instead. Your 3pm craving will be satisfied in a healthier way.

This soup is prepared by slow simmering method and hence the nutrients are not lost while cooking and also they become easily digestible. 

Another method (pressure cooker) of moringa leaves soup - Moringa Leaves Soup/Murungai Keerai soup

There are few basic ingredients for the soups. They are pepper, cumin, garlic, small (sambar) onions, and tomato. Along with this goes moringa leaves. In addition to this you can choose any one of the other green or vegetable like plantain stem, banana blossoms, drumstick, முடக்கத்தான் கீரை (balloon plant) etc to go along with this.

The pepper in this soup increases body heat (element - Fire) in our body and therefore increases the resistance in our body, garlic eliminates the excess gas (Air) in our body. Cumin seeds balances gas, fluid and heat (elements Air, Water and Fire respectively). Small onion purifies the blood and hence cools the body as well as increases the body's resistance. 

Today I am going to make moringa leaves and banana blossom soup / murungai keerai and vaazhaipoo rasam.


  • Moringa leaves - one hand full
  • banana blossom - one hand full (cleaned and chopped)
  • pepper - crushed 1/2 teaspoon
  • cumin - crushed 1/2 teaspoon
  • small onions - 10
  • tomato - 1 small
  • garlic - 2 cloves
  • water - 5 glasses
  • salt to taste


  • Clean and wash the moringa leaves and the banana blossom.
  • Chop the banana blossoms. Moringa leaves need not be chopped.
  • Take them in a container. Add the greens and banana blossom.
  • Add the cut onion, tomato and crushed garlic.
  • Add the pepper and cumin.
  • Pour 5 glasses of water.
  • Keep this on stove on medium heat.
  • Once it starts to boil, reduce the heat to low, cover the vessel 3/4th, and let it simmer till the soup reduces to 3 glasses.
  • Once the soup has reached this consistency, you can turn the stove off.
  • The healthy murungai keerai & vaazhaipoo soup is ready to be consumed. 


Do not consume the same combination soups everyday. Make variations and consume to meet your body's requirements. You can make Moringa leaves-banana stem soup or moringa leaves-drumstick soup or moringa leaves-banana blossom soup or moringa leaves-balloon plant soup. 

The best time to consume this soup is in the evening between 4pm to 6pm. Just have a cup of soup per day or every alternate days.

If you want you can add more pepper powder while consuming the soup.

Happy cooking !!

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