Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Udacha Kadalai Laddu / Fried Gram Laddu

Udacha Kadalai Laddu or Pottu Kadalai Laddu or Fried Gram Laddu

If there is any laddu recipe which is easy to make, healthy and good to eat.. then it is this pottu kadalai or udacha kadalai laddu.
Our people used to call it as udacha kadalai and many of my friends call it as pottu kadalai or chutney paruppu. Its a very healthy pulse variety. It is extremely rich in iron content. Excellent snack for kids.
I remember.. when we were kids and pester my grandfather for evening snack, he used to suggest this fried gram with coconut and sugar as snack. He will tell us that this roasted gram is very good for health.

My friend L gave me these laddus once.. ghee-licious.. lots of cashews.. the way i like it.. I got the recipe from her. I did very small change in the recipe to make it tastier. My friend used to add cashew bits. But I powdered along with the fried gram.

The fried gram i had, was bought few months back. so i slightly roasted it in low heat for few minutes. Just to freshen it up and bring it back to life. 

This recipe calls for very few ingredients. and making this laddu is very easy as it doesn't need deep roasting of any ingredients.

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Lets start..


  • udacha kadalai or fried gram - (whole or broken) - 1 cup
  • sugar powder - 1/2 cup
  • ghee - 2 to 3 tablespoons
  • cashews - 2 tablespoons (slightly roasted and cooled)


  • if the fried gram is very fresh then you can powder it as it is. but if is little old as mine, then roast it very slightly. just warm it up. transfer this to a mixer jar and powder finely. 
  • open the jar and add the roasted and cooled cashews to this and run the mixer again till the cashews too are powered along with the fried gram. keep aside.
  • wipe off the mixer with a kitchen towel and keep ready to powder sugar.
  • take some sugar (approximately 1/2 cup) in the mixer and powder it. 
  • use half cup or few spoons more than half cup of this sugar powder to make the laddu.
  • take a wide bowl and add the fried gram + cashews powder, sugar powder. mix them.
  • add melted ghee to this one tablespoon at a time.
  • mix and see whether the dry ingredients comes to a stage where you can make laddu.
  • if required you can slightly roast this mixture in a kadai in low heat till you can make balls of it.
  • by the time the flours just warm up, you will be able to make laddus of it. this step is totally optional. this warming up of the flours and sugar mixture.. just loosens the sugar and makes the flour more moist to make balls.
  • [this WILL NOT take you to the stage where you have to burn your hands while making laddus.]
  • finish making laddus with the rest of the mixture. 

The tasty and healthy laddus are ready to be had as snack or goodies during festival. You can make it in no time for your kids to relish. You can add pieces of cashews and raisins if you like instead of powdering the cashews. Try it and let me know how much you liked it.

Happy cooking !!

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