Monday, December 4, 2017

Avocado Milk Shake

Avocado / Butter Fruit Milk Shake

I started making avocado milk share few years back and now I am a big fan of it. Very few ingredients and good to taste. That lovely light green shade.. beautiful.. and absolutely healthy. Excellent evening filler for kids.

Choosing an avocado..

Choose an avocado which has nice and smooth and glossy skin. The stalk end should be clear without any blemishes. 

To check whether the avocado has ripened, the skin should have turned completely dark violet, when you press with your thumb, it should yield. But we never get such perfect avocados in shops. We mostly see only fully green ones. And sometimes half green-violet ones. I choose this second type (half green-violet) which has started to ripen. I never buy fully green ones as I had never been able to ripen this at home. 

If you had bought half ripe fruit i.e., fruit that has turned half violet, then wrap it in news paper or in a paper bag and keep it on the dining table or on counter top for a day. Keep checking it every day.

Some people add ice cream to the milk shake. But I never add ice cream as it will over power the avocado flavour. Do not add any essence also. Just keep it simple to get that awesome flavour of the avocado.

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  • Avocado - 1
  • Milk - 500 ml
  • Sugar - 7 to 8 teaspoons
  • Water - if required
  • Ice cubes


  • Get the perfectly ripe avocado.
  • Remove the seed (pass your knife half way through the seed and give a little twist.. the seeds comes off along with the knife) and scoop out the pulp from the shell (as shown in the picture).
Removing the seed 
Scooping out the pulp from the shell

  • Take this pulp in a blender. 
  • First add little milk and sugar.
  • Pulse it. It will come light and fluffy. Now keep adding the rest of the milk slowly. 
  • Once you have added all the milk, check the sugar. This milk shake does not need more sugar. Lighter sugar is best. 
  • Add ice cubes and run the mixer again.
  • If you find the milk shake still thick, you can add more milk or little water and whip the mixer again.

Mmmmm.... yummicious.. healthy avocado milk shake is ready to be enjoyed. 
Keep it simple.. keep it healthy.

Happy cooking !!

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